Energies Rising exists to support the individual, community and world, to chose to live healthier and more vibrant existences.  ER achieves this by teaching and coaching individuals and groups, in multiple modalities of alternative healing.

Energies Rising specializes in Advanced Eden Energy Medicine, Ascending Energies, and Harmonic Healing, as well as intuitive and guided healing. We bring the best we have to offer to every situation whether in a class or having a one on one session.
Clients range from a broad spectrum of interests, current cancer or post cancer coaching for maximizing the targeted areas of treatment or minimizing the side-effects of the treatments; emotional challenges like depression, anger-related or grief involved issues; long-term chronic health issues like diabetes or auto-immune related challenges; improving performance for athletes and assisting others in making breakthroughs in their spiritual growth.
 Students come from any of these backgrounds and seek to grow in how they can address these issues for themselves and others. Students range from individual mentoring to small groups that meet on a regular basis, to large groups gathered for 2-5 day workshops.

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Some Words From Our Clients


Rand is an excellent and dedicated teacher and healing facilitator. I have been getting energy sessions from Rand for many years and am very grateful to have his assistance in my healing on this journey. His teaching is thorough and very valuable.


Rand is such an amazing teacher! He is energetic, loving, witty and so knowledgeable. Rand is able to get the information across to his pupils in a concise and practical way, delivered with humor! I highly recommend Rand Gholson for his learning program.

I have seen Rand as a Shamanic practitioner many times. I have the utmost respect and trust in Rand’s abilities. He is wise, solid and willing to go to the depths. I appreciate his expertise, sensitivity and compassion. Thank you Rand!


Why Choose Energies Rising?

Because Energies Rising meets people where they are in life for both healing coaching and teaching, there is a broad spectrum of clientele.

Some of the varied aspects of folks who utilize E.R.’s resources are: those with long-term medical conditions that are seeking a natural form of care for their health situation, athletes who are seeking to extend their endurance and performance, people who are seeking growth in their emotional being, people who are seeking to evolve their spiritual self.

Energy work, is in itself a process that crosses the boundaries of the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. So if your interests lie in these realms, you may want to investigate Energies Rising.

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