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Energies Rising began as an outreach to people to inform them about different steps they could take to improve their health and lives from a “energetic” perspective.

Rand would pop up a tent at Farmers Market or Art in the Park in Shell Beach and offer to energy test people for different imbalances they may have and then show them ways to correct those imbalances with techniques and exercises he was learning from his growing exposure to Eden Energy Medicine.

As the next few years went by, Rand went to school in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, completing his Certified Practitioner, Clinical Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner levels.After completion of his 4th year training as an Advanced Practitioner, Rand accepted a faculty position with the EEMCP. He continues to hold that position today.

Rand opened Energies Rising as a business in 2009 in Grover Beach. It was established to provide session work to the general community and to provide teaching for those who wished to learn energy healing.

Rand continued to expand the teachings he was exposed to and has developed a new modality called Ascending Energies which has applications for healing in peoples bio-fields and emotional fields as well as planetary healing.

Rand works with several other energy healers on healing projects around the planet. One of his focuses is in the Southwest United States doing land healing and other work with some of the tribes and medicine men located there.

Rand pioneered a form of sound healing called Harmonic Therapy, being one of the first in the United States to use mono-chording equipment from Germany, designed and distributed by “Feeltone”, in the healing studio. He and his wife Laura have worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life with their Harmonic Table and Harmonic Chair. Further expansion into chimes for chakras and Tibetan Bowls have made their way into the sound healing work as well.

Rand travels teaching about various forms of energy work such as, Crystalline Auras, Assessing and Removing invasive energies, the Crystalline Chakra, Working with your Angelic Team, several classes and workshops of Eden Energy Medicine including Energy Medicine for Women as well as many other specialized classes. If you are interested in hosting Energies Rising workshops or classes in your area, please see the classes listings for a menu of what is currently being offered.

Energies Rising is a consciously developed business for coaching health and healing either one on one in session work, or in mixed sized groups. Rand is available as a guest speaker for organizations and interested collectives of folks. Contact Rand if you are interested in hosting him to speak at an event near you!

In one on one session work, Rand coaches your personal healing with in depth assessments via interview and energy testing, then provides the client with various options to address what was assessed and bring balance to their energy systems. Rand teaches as he coaches, so all decisions made by the client are well informed.

Have fun with this site! Explore the various modalities, learn about upcoming classes and contact Energies Rising about scheduling appointments for coaching or classes.


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