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Eden Energy Medicine

As a four-year graduate of Donna Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, I am a certified Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine.  I have been on faculty with the four-year Certification program for 5 years and also teach the first year of this program regionally.

With the EEM work, I offer a broad base of energy work, assessing energy systems for limitations and using a vast array of techniques and protocols to clear and bring into balance those energies that assessed with challenges.

Much of the Eden Energy Medicine work is based in Chinese Medicine, working with the Meridians, Elements/Rhythms and Radiant Circuit systems. This approach is both straightforward and sophisticated in working with biological and emotional challenges that we all face in life. We do extensive assessment and coaching as we approach revitalizing systems that have been depleted from fear-based symptomology.

The Chakra system is also a workhorse in Doing Eden Energy Medicine work. In assessing and working through the Chakras, we are able to ferret out and erase many of the deep-rooted energy blocks that keep us from resolving many of our emotional challenges.

The Chakras are also very involved in supporting our organs and systems like the nervous system and endocrine system. Old, sometimes ancient, issues often arise when doing Chakra work, allowing the client access to resolving old patterns that have held them back in their lives.

The body Electrics are another system we engage with in EEM for deep healing. The Electrics are a system that is governed through your Inner Healer and works with the electrical energies generated through Heart. The possibilities for healing and regeneration through Hearts energy are only limited by a persons intentions and belief systems.

The Eden style of Regression work takes place in a deeply meditative state where the client is led on a journey to a previously agreed upon trauma or event that is the first occasion that a pattern of coping or injury developed. Then we do extensive healing in that space. When completed, we journey back to a fully conscious state and bring that healing forward with us.

This is very powerful, deep work that allows the client to address and resolve old disruptive patterns in their life that had brought conflict and fears.

The deepest work of EEM is arguably working with the Grid, a system identified by Donna Eden that underlies and supports all the other energy systems.

We can damage or even break the Grid structure with traumas both physical and emotional. When our experience with an event is massively overwhelming, it can cause the Grid to give way, damaging this supportive structure and leaving the other systems weakened, especially when attempting to bring in support around issues like the one that damaged the Grid.

Grid work only takes place after extensive work to the other systems has brought them to the place of their best support and balance are something only the most advanced practitioners can work with.

As you can see, the Eden Energy Medicine work is extensive and the potential for addressing issues in peoples biological/emotional and spiritual fields  are fairly all encompassing. Including, but not limited to:

  • auto-immune challenges
  • healing from surgeries and body traumas
  • assisting with maintaining balance when going through cancer treatments
  • bringing in stability in addressing emotional issues like depression and anxiety
  • increasing performance and endurance for athletes

The Ascending Energies is shamanic/angelic based growing field of work that focuses in two areas- one is assessing and removing disturbances or
attachments to our energetic being, others energy vessels and the planet’s energetic vessel. The second is advancing the evolution of your personal
energies as they engage in the Ascending process.

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With the EEM work, I offer a broad base of energy work, assessing energy systems for limitations and using a vast array of techniques and protocols
to clear and bring into balance those energies that assessed with challenges.

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There are many forms of healing work that utilize frequencies to affect cells in the body and mood. Light is used in this way very effectively, but the often overlooked heavy worker of the frequencies is “SOUND”!

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Intuitive and guided healing is a phrase that can be confusing for some folks. It simply means following the energy as it presents itself while being fully aware of the nudges and shifts that the Universe is sharing for you to follow.

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